Newton Workforce is a leading HR Services and Employee Outsourcing company based in Beirut – Lebanon. We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour to provide a wide range of HR Solutions and Services in the Beirut – Lebanon.


Temporary Staffing

Hire a temporary employee on a daily rate.


Keep your headcount low and hire talent on our payroll.

Workforce Solutions

Newton Workforce we understand the business nature of projects, short-term contracts, seasonal peaks, unexpected staff shortages and temporary support.

Visa Outsourcing

Overcome visa quoat restrictions.


Let us help you find top talent in the market.

HR Consultancy

Helping you unleash the full potential of you HR through strategic intervention.

Payroll Outsourcing

Handling your company`s payrool with total confidentiality and timeliness.


Save your time and expreses by letting us handle your HR related PRO needs.


Helping you fullfill your Emaritization quota requrements.