Recruitment and Executive Search

Helping you find the right people quickly
Our recruitment service helps companies find candidates to fill available positions within their organisation. Newton Work Force maintains a large internal database of screened candidates in addition to using the largest Job Portals and Job Boards in the region including LinkedIn.
Giving you flexibility with three options to choose from
Three. Solid. Choices.

Specialized service, spotless

Success Fee Based Recruitment(Percentage based fee)

This service is used by companies on a role by role basis. Newton Work Force charges a percentage based fee on the successfully placed candidates. This service allows for the client to enjoy a peace of mind with a replacement guarantee if the employee does not work out.

Specialized service, spotless

Project Based Recruitment(Project based fee)

Are you a company that is looking to recruit a large number of staff all at once? This service is commonly used by clients starting a new business that requires a full staff at the time of opening. Newton Work Force charges a flat project based fee which covers all of the recruitment requirements within the project, so you don’t have to worry!

Specialized service, spotless

Recruitment Process Outsourcing(Flat fee)

Are you a company looking to outsource your recruitment requirements permanently? At Newton Work Force, we search and shortlist candidates for you on a flat fee basis. This is a service that clients typically use in order to eliminate the tedious work that goes into the screening of job applicants and shortlisting of relevant profiles. Let us help and find you top talent!

Our team begins the search by capturing the job description and candidate specifications. We then proceed to screen and shortlist available candidates who are then presented to you for consideration. We support you with the interview scheduling and any subsequent negotiations with potential candidates.

What we offer

  • Posting of Job Advertisements
  • Candidate Search & Screening
  • Specialised Headhunting Service
  • Proactive Sourcing
  • Administration of Assessment Centers
  • Compensation Negotiation